The movement to empower widows of all ages starts with you: unite with Widows for Peace through Democracy today


WDP is working with our partners on the ground to help widows of all ages by:

  • Responding quickly to the impact of COVID-19 – managing advice, guidance and recovery of affected widows;
  • Strengthening and increasing our secretariat of partners globally so that local communities are sensitised to damaging cultural rules that normalise child marriage, widow based violence and gender inequality;
  • Investing in our technical capacity of online platforms to advocate with widows and strengthen their organisations and collectives;
  • Helping governments design widow aware policies and legislation;
  • Your vital donation can help us today in supporting widows of all ages at this urgent time of need. Donate now.

COVID-19 may be gender blind but it isn’t gender neutral. COVID-19 kills more men than women, hence it has been referred to as the ‘widow-maker’. As well as impacting on the lives of widows, it is creating more widows of all ages.

Help us amplify widows’ needs so they are no longer invisible to governments and communities but fully visible, fully valued and fully supported.

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Our work urgently needs further funding so that, together with our grassroots partners, we can effectively respond to the devastating impact of COVID-19 on widows and their families.

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