Spotlight on Our Partner: Woman of Purpose Uganda

Hope for Widows Project: Families with children and the Cow Scheme

11 July 2014 – Ten years ago, our partner Woman of Purpose carried out a survey on widows in Pallisa District, Uganda. They found that the majority of widows in the region were illiterate, working in other people’s gardens for survival, surviving on £1 or less per week, and could not control their late husbands’ property.

These shocking results kicked off their Hope for Widows Project. This project takes on the cultural customs and attitudes causing widows and their children to live in dire poverty. Starting from rural Pallisa, Woman of Purpose began engaging local, clan, and religious leaders in sensitisation training to change the community mindset.

The project faced a difficult start, but now it has expanded to aid hundreds of widows to solve problems and improve their income and homes in more than 20 communities in Uganda. The area covered is still relatively small, but the method works–there has been tremendous change in the communities. The number of communities requesting to be sensitised is large and increasing.

Read more about the Hope for Widows Project and how it works here.

Pictured: Woman of Purpose has over 20 widows’ groups coming together to solve their problems and improve their income and homes. Over 200 widows benefit from the Cow Scheme.

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