Maysaa Al Tameemi is an English Lecturer at the University of Diyala in Iraq. She has an extensive background in a variety of international organisations, most recently working as a Manager for the Women’s Community Center, part of the Danish Refugee Council. Maysaa has provided vocational training to talented but vulnerable women, as well as health and human rights awareness sessions. After being widowed in 2011 Maysaa focussed her work on tackling the stigmatisation faced by widows in society and helping them rebuild their lives.

Although she is now remarried, Maysaa’s Action Plan will focus on continuing to support the large number of widowed women in Diyala. As a result of widespread sectarian violence many of these women’s families have been displaced, lost their main source of income and suffer discrimination with regards to social welfare allocation. Maysaa’s project aims to empower these widows through leadership and training programmes, giving them the necessary tools to advocate for their own rights within government and society.

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