Margaret Owen


Margaret Owen is a barrister specialising in women’s human rights. She has previously worked as an immigration and asylum lawyer, as head of the Law and Policy division of International Planned Parenthood Federation, and as a consultant to various UN organisations. Following the death of her husband she became acutely aware of the plight of […]

Widows for Peace Through Democracy

Never before in human history has the world been host to so many widows and wives of the missing”, as a consequences of armed conflict, the AIDS pandemic, the increased life-expectancy of women over men, and the fact of age differences between the marriage partners, meaning that young women –even girl children –are often married […]

About Us

Our Vision Our vision is to see, in all countries where widowhood is an issue, particularly in areas of conflict, federations of widows’ associations, which will ensure that widows’ voices are heard by their governments, so that every widow is protected by law from discrimination, violence and abuse, and can enjoy her full human rights […]