Upcoming Projects

We have outlined our upcoming projects and ambitions for late 2014/early 2015. This includes wellness and statistical projects, new regional widowhood alliances in West Africa and the Middle East, and continuing our strong international advocacy. Take a look!

Spotlight on Our Partner in Cameroon: CAFENEC

In Cameroon, the AIDS virus remains a major threat to livelihood. Chilling figures from our partner CAFENEC show that widows and their children are disproportionately affected. As a small but determined group of counselors, supporters, and volunteers–and almost no funding–CAFENEC stands up for the widows of Cameroon. Now, they call for a partnership among widows’ […]


9 September, 2014 – Our partner, Committee of Assistance To The Needy Woman of Cameroon (CAFENEC), currently looks after 190 widows: 50 are sick with AIDS 80 others are aged 35-55 60 others are aged 55+ CAFENEC also looks after orphans. Among the orphans are AIDS sufferers, those who are otherwise sick or epileptic, and those who are disabled […]

Maysaa Al Tameemi

Maysaa Al Tameemi is an English Lecturer at the University of Diyala in Iraq. She has an extensive background in a variety of international organisations, most recently working as a Manager for the Women’s Community Center, part of the Danish Refugee Council. Maysaa has provided vocational training to talented but vulnerable women, as well as […]