Ebola Risk to Widows

The threat of Ebola spreading through rural communities in West Africa could be increased by traditional mourning rituals and practices, writes Tim Bridger for WPD.

Widowhood in Swaziland

24 July – In Swaziland, discriminatory customs remain a reality for widows. As such, we have submitted our report to assist the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) Committee in considering Swaziland’s State Report during its 58th session.

Hope for Widows Project: Families with children and the Cow Scheme

Spotlight on Our Partner: Woman of Purpose Uganda

11 July 2014 – Ten years ago, our partner Woman of Purpose carried out a survey on widows in Pallisa District, Uganda. They found that the majority of widows in the region were illiterate, working in other people’s gardens for survival, surviving on £1 or less per week, and could not control their late husbands’ property.

Progress in Nepal!

9 July 2014 – We are proud to announce that our partner Women for Human Rights, Single Women Group (WHR) in Nepal has received excellent news following their advocacy letter to the Army in Nepal. The Army has approved requests to compensate conflict-affected families, and reverse discriminatory policies.

Justice for Widows in Conflict and After

12 June 2014 – The Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict was held in London from 10-13 June 2014. At the Summit, we hosted an event titled Justice for Widows in Conflict and After. Our speakers discussed the status of conflict widows in their countries and what actions need to be taken to improve the situation.